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ITI Cymru Wales Event Cardiff University 08.11.14

iti cymru wales

  I received an invite on my university email address to a free event at Cardiff University, arranged by ITI Cymru Wales ( @ITICymruWales ). The Saturday workshop was to be focussed on technology in translation and I felt it would be an ideal opportunity to get to meet some actual working translators in Wales plus to learn about a specific subject area within translation that I find appealing. If I complete my degree successfully and actually become a professional translator, the chances are that I will be building on existing tech skills and working in some way in the tech side of translation. The workshop was to focus on developing your skills as a translator in the digital environment – we would learn how to use some useful translation tools and think about working with the web as a tool. I packed my lunchbox and headed out on the train to Cardiff on a wet Autumn International rugby day. There was a good crowd of about 40 people, filling up the lecture theatre at Cardiff University’s Centre For Lifelong Learning. It was to be the ITI Cymru Wales’ biggest event to date. The costs to attend the convention were free which was an added bonus. I was quite nervous, not knowing anybody there as it was my first foray into the world of professional translators. I felt, as a first year student, that I was a bit out of place and had general newbie nerves. The first talk was by Elvana Moore ( @MoreAlbanian ) on the use of the website / forum for translators and interpreters.   I’d set up a profile on already but haven’t used the site as yet. Elvana gave us a good hour and a half’s worth of instruction on how to best use this vast translation-specific website. It could be the biggest source of our work as translators and was an invaluable resource. She explored the intricacies on how to best set up your profile and demonstrated the key features of the site. I hadn’t previously understood the Kudoz system on ProZ and can see what a great way it is of exchanging ideas on translation and a great way of building your profile and becoming a real part of the international translator community. Elvana stressed that she was in no way a salesperson for ProZ but equally I think she was able…

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