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8 Years of Punishment in Cygnet Hospital

gillian grandaughter

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION   DIABOLICAL: This could happen to YOU: CASE STUDY: E.T. FACTS: Mummy’s Helper: Is like a mum to two younger Brothers. DAILY CHORES: Tidy / Clean, ironing Etc. FREE TIME: 0-5% AGE 14: 2004: RAN AWAY from AGGRESSIVE Dad. HAPPY: Lived with Nan for 6 months. No problems: Punctual √ Honest √ Helpful √ Aggressive X Wants to be a nurse. (Photo, on left, in white top – taken then) FORCED to return to Mum. 2005: RAN AWAY at 10am in PJ’s whilst Mum at work. (REASON: Not known by Nan until 2017): (Fled STEP-DAD’s unwanted sexual advances). NO (statutory) INVESTIGATION DONE WHY she was HOMELESS. She was BLAMED & FALSELY ACCUSED by Mum: “… she is an attention seeking drama queen…” & not questioned by Children’s Services’s Trainee Social Worker (sw). NAN BLAMED by Mum (scape goated): “it’s all her fault.” Nan not questioned by sw. NOT ALLOWED to live with NAN. REFUSED TO GO “HOME”: (Drunk) Mum & sw in Charge of “Plan”: Ensured NO help available to “Force her back home” – police used. ON STREETS approx 3 MONTHS: In TERRIBLE State. Terrified / Forced back to Dad, locked in. Ran away. Terrified / Forced back to Dad again. Ran away. Nan complained (in writing) sw has got it VERY WRONG. Stage 2 Complaint IGNORED by Children’s Services. Nan told “you have no rights – you are only a grandmother.” INCARCERATED for approx 2 MONTHS: DUMPED & Locked IN a disused empty former children’s home, kept in ISOLATION. Only equipment / activity: A snooker table. Promised access to Education by sw but that never happened. CONTACT with Nan restricted. ACCUSED of thumping sw. FOUND GUILTY (at Magistrate’s court). Terrified. Sent to SECURE UNITS in UK, many miles away from family & friends. ISOLATED: Contact with Nan not allowed. Inmate advised: Self Harm to PROTEST UNJUST INCARCERATION. AGE 17: PUT in St ANDREW’s, Northampton, DIAGNOSIS: Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) (has one symptom – self harming; need minimum of 5 symptoms to meet criteria). (Done as label, to invalidate). DETAINED under Mental Health Act, on SECTION 3: “for own safety” (by Children’s Services, before handed over to Adult Services): Placed in care of (Mental Health) CARE MANAGER: NO INVESTIGATION DONE. PUT in Cygnet hospital, Beckton. Transferred to Cygnet hospital, Stevenage: INADEQUATE SAFEGUARDING: 7 YEARS: “ALLOWED to self-harm” by staff, paid for one-one Care. Every protest…

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