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NEW: The Shuffle Show with Wez G – Xpress Radio – Saturdays/Sundays Midnight -1am

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The Shuffle Show is a specialist Dance Music show on Xpress Radio, airing 12am – 1am Sundays (late Saturday night). XPress Radio is the award-winning Cardiff University radio station. I have recently gone back to my studies as a full-time Translation student at Cardiff. I thought that while I was there that I would try to keep the music at a minimum but I couldn’t resist going along to check out a few societies. I went to the Xpress radio meeting and couldn’t believe that there were about 150 people in attendance. I’ve worked in radio for many years, in particular with KryKey (web radio), and I felt that traditional radio was dying or dead, a forgotten medium in the world of podcasts and technology. When I originally went to UCL about twenty years ago, their radio station, Rare FM, was far more rudimentary…. I felt filled with hope about Xpress and, with my new partner-in-crime, Brummie Todd, we decided to put plans into place for a new show. I’ve been dabbling around recently with the Wez G Sessions. This was a ‘traditional style’ radio broadcast, with talking (a broadcast skill I am really no good at!). I aimed, with the Wez G sessions, just to raise my basic skill levels, work with Ableton in a set format, and to provide decent content in bulk for the KryKey network and also for the Caldicot Community Radio station which I was in talks with the council about resurrecting. The Wez G sessions was never a really serious project, though I have enjoyed making it so far, and love listening myself… I haven’t gone hell-for-leather on promoting it (just yet!) and am hoping that people will eventually start tuning in of their own, natural, accord. The Wez G Sessions have been good practice for a potential Xpress show so I thought I would kick on and try and grab a primetime slot, and bring my music to a new, youthful student audience. Todd and I went in for an interview and I rather arrogantly expected us to be given a show as a matter of formality. At the initial session, when they were showing us how to use decks, I was the only person with actual DJ experience. In January 2015 it will be twenty years of my professional DJ career. Surely a show on Xpress would be a breeze? Unfortunately for Todd and…

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