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Racism in the NHS – Dr Anvita Swarnkar: Playing the Race Card

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On 20th December 2019, right before Christmas and my birthday celebrations, I was walking early morning through my local housing estate. I’d just been dropped off in the car by a retired magistrate friend and my ex partner, Nicola. The estate was full of police. By the allotments at the bottom of my road several armed police held machine guns to my head and arrested me for an alleged possession of a knife. PC Mark Waters had stated that I was brandishing an 8 inch kitchen knife but this was a complete lie as any kitchen knife was safely at home in my kitchen drawer and I was totally unarmed. I spent 6 hours in custody in the back of a van, handcuffed and then transferred to Adferiad Ward, St. Cadoc’s Hospital, Caerleon. It was a blatant case of false arrest. What was most frustrating was that the 50 or so police officers who took me down released information to the public saying that they had discovered me naked with a machete, threatening schoolchildren at a local school. This was widely disseminated on social media and used in court by the hospital doctors and nurses. Complete lies but they’ll do anything to lock me up these days. I was placed under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act (6 months compulsory detention) and put into the care of Dr Anvita Swarnkar. Dr Swarnkar is of Indian origin. She is a slight, well-groomed woman, who is the chief of the psychiatrists at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board Trust. I have never met a more stubborn and damaging power freak of a woman or psychiatrist. She has made my life a complete living hell. I was immediately placed on depot injections. A High Dose – about 450mg of Clopixol, an old style anti-psychotic medication manufactured by Lundbeck. I am allergic to this medication and have a long list of allergic reaction symptoms and this has been verified by neurology and gastro-enterology. The medication, which I am forced to take against my consent, makes me vomit (through hiatus hernia it induces) about 40-50 times daily. I have to defecate about 15 times a day, often shitting my pants. I have fits where my head shakes out of control and I have a permanent Parkinsonian tremor in my jaw and my right hand also shakes uncontrollably. I cannot read or write which is no…

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