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Wintertime Blues

Wintertime winds blow cold the seasonFallen in love, I’m hopin’ to beWind is so cold, is that the reason?Keeping you warm, your hands touching me Come with me dance, my dearWinter’s so cold this yearYou are so warmMy wintertime love to be Winter time winds blue and freezin’Comin’ from northern storms in the seaLove has been lost, is that the reason?Trying desperately to be free Come with me dance, my dearWinter’s so cold this yearAnd you are so warmMy wintertime love to be La, la, la, la Come with me dance, my dearWinter’s so cold this yearYou are so warmMy wintertime love to be[The Doors: Wintertime Love (from Waiting for the Sun album)] Well – the long cold winter is finally over (unless you happen to be reading this in the southern hemisphere!). Vestal virgins are dancing around the sacred fire in preparations for an exciting summer of music festivals. In the UK at this time of year bands are extremely busy hounding festival promoters in order to fill up their summer calendars. The winter hibernation is over and the whole music industry comes to life. The Miami Winter Music conference has just finished and DJs and dance acts are groggily filling planes across the world, returning with their tales of mayhem, and the tracks which will be lacing the summer dancefloors from the Punta Del Este to the streets of San Antonio. The creative spirit comes alive in spring, as flowers blossom and trees flood the countryside with green luminescence from their returning leaves. Like squirrels just run out of nuts, here at KryKey we are plaguing the landscape in search of new food to feast on as we bask in the sun’s rays. At festivals across the globe there is a mad rush by emerging bands and artists to fill the bill in new stages. They need to showcase their music and gain new fans. We have decided to support these emerging artists and have opened the floor of four prime KryKey radio stations for this purpose. London Web Radio, Desert One, Oz Radio and DJ, are all seeking out music from artists to fill the airwaves. We believe that exposing new talent to the masses is a critical aspect of the music industry. Our growing radio network now has a significant impact on the music industry (there are now over 230 global KryKey radio stations) and we…

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