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I’ve been in discussions the past 48 hours with CN Williams, head of Swansea-based electronic music label, Reelhouse Records. Clifford has kindly agreed to sign several forthcoming Wez G releases… I had a busy week last week, with several tracks having the finishing touches applied to them in the mastering studio. It is pleasing to be able to announce that the debut EP of my Megman vs Wez G project is all ready to go. Boom Beat Zoo EP will demonstrate the exciting fusion of live guitars with electronica. Megman Merrett, a talented Caldicot musician with much experience, has been hammering out hits in the studio with me for a couple of years now… Boom Beat Zoo EP, so called because of the animal association with most of its tracks, is an exciting debut EP, which will hopefully start to generate us a fanbase and assist us in funding further Megman vs Wez G EPs and hopefully a studio album…. The aim is, that once we have finally discovered our true sound, that we take this unique project to live audiences. Boom Beat Zoo offers a glimpse of the sound we are establishing. It covers a wide variety of genres, appealing to electronic aficionados as well as those who prefer acoustic music. Some of it is Cafe Del Mar-esque chillout, others more dancefloor friendly bangers and the epic Kicking Squirrels reminds me, as the producer, very much of the sound of legendary Rock n Roll band, the Doors. I’ve been hard at Ableton to give the project its necessary instrumental oomph and it’s been a steep learning curve… We have about 40-50 unfinished jams ready to progress and we are hoping that the public get behind the release and spend a few pennies on helping to finance the continuation of Megman vs Wez G. Reelhouse Records have taken the plunge and signed the debut EP and we look forward to striking up a successful business relationship with perhaps Wales’ finest independent dance music label. When you look through the Reelhouse back catalogue it is a bit daunting to see such luminary figures releasing tunes there, as Byron Stingly and Lenny Fontana, to name but a few… We hope that our sounds are fully appreciated by the Reelhouse market.   The second new track to be released on Reelhouse Records is a Wez G original: Shine Melody is a funky touch-edged disco…

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