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Acuphase and Dr Jamil

To who this may concern, I did attempt to raise the issue of care provided regarding my last incarceration at St Cadocs adferiad ward by Dr Jamil in 2015, but i became sectioned again, this time in Stonebow Hereford because this whole issue of what happened the previous year annoyed me so much. When i was back at home in Hereford 2016, x2 people came and visited regarding my complaint who were nice and i received a letter but no apology issued and no faults found. I thought leave it for another day when I’m not so emotionally invested. Since then I done allot of calming down and done some research on the guidelines of usage when administering acuphase, these are clearly not being followed. In St Cadocs if you miss an appointment the police and your mum are called. Why stress out a mental patient in this way haunting them with police and family? After getting arrested and more stressed out in the process of being chased by police and my mum all day, i was put in a cell for missing an appointment and arrested for breach of the peace inside my own home for attempting to stop my mum and sister calling the police without speaking to me, in the station, sectioned and back to hospital. A couple of weeks in hospital I have a solicitor arranged and arrives for the tribunal in the afternoon, Dr Jamil removes my section in the morning and is happy because she doesn’t have to goto a tribunal now. I wanted to go to explain this situation I was placed under but this was denied. A couple of weeks pass , I’m at home and I express that I don’t want Dr Jamil as my psychiatrist anymore to the various CPN’s that visited. The response back was that they wanted to check me for a mental health assessment, I said that’s not an issue and pass my number over. A couple of day pass and I get called by someone who wanted to do a mental health assessment that day. I explained that I was currently busy, away and will have to be another time. A few more days pass and a Dr turns up late in the evening, on his own asking where are the others. He came in an I explained that he was the only visitor here atm….

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