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Milan Blues

The heyday when this video was taken is long over… Luckily enough, I made it to Istanbul for the Champions League Final in 2005 when Liverpool beat AC Milan in the greatest game of football ever to have been played. It was the best time of my life. For a Liverpool fan , it’s all about winning trophies and they don’t come any bigger than ole big ears…

(Read in the facebook group about Hungary for Turkey, my trip to Istanbul

I am at odds with myself about posting Liverpool stuff in my blog. At the end of the day, whereas I know there are many avid fans out there. , I realise that for the majority of you, you support other clubs and the last thing you wish to read about is Liverpool FC. Anyway, Liverpool play a huge part in my life so I’d be dishonest if I didn’t include the occasional article here in the Wez G blog…

Just grin and bear it. It helps hearing about football success from time to time . And your clubs might be able to learn from the greatness of Liverpool. They are, after all, indisputably, the best side in British football.

I can just see the grin on Manc faces as they read this. Yes – Last weekend Liverpool lost to lowly Barnsley in the FA Cup. I admit it – we were very poor. Yes – we’re having a bad season. We are still a club in reconstruction. Europe is our only hope this season.

And Europe it is tonight. AC Milan’s blue cousins, Inter, are the best side in Europe this season. They are the only side in Europe to still be unbeaten. They strike the fear of God into me. But we have faced adversity before. I just hope that our players produce their A-game tonight. We need the hunger of Stevie G , the ruthlessness of Carragher and the sheer dominance of Fernando Torres. We need the manager to have a clear head. I am a huge fan of Rafa and will never call for his head. NEVER. Not after Istanbul. He can lose to Accrington Stanley every week as far as I’m concerned. Trust in Rafa is the motto. I can, however, see how he’s under pressure and a poor result for Liverpool to night could mean curtains for the gaffer. Since Paco left it’s been problems all the way and the new American owners don’t help…

Tonight we face Figo, Veira and Ibrahimovic amongst other great stars. Inter will be no push over. I just hope the salvage of our season can begin here. Let’s face it , it has to. I believed at half time in Istanbul and Milan blues mean little to me. We will turn over the poorer cousins of the Rossineri and go on to Moscow to win it SIX TIMES!!!

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